Un’intercettazione delle Talent Angels ha commosso Abby Faith.

– I miss my grandparents, my brother and sisters and -don’t laugh!- our blue poppies too!
– Blue poppies? Do they really exist?
– Yes, they’re the symbol of my country. They’re enchanting, delicate and a bit in danger. They’re often uprooted from the place where they grow, to be planted in gardens. And there they die, because they cannot become as high and strong as they would be in their natural environment.
– Do you think that the same could happen to us? – asked Tess, suddenly serious.
– When I left home… Well, yes, I was afraid of that. But then I have met you all. And I have thought that, even if I’m the only blue poppy here, well… I’m growing near other beautiful flowers!

Blue Poppy Flowers


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